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This page was last updated on Monday, November 13, 2017 00:38 by Richard Spencer.

The following additional equipment has been fitted to the motorhome:

Gaslow Autogas system

Induction Hob (Tefal).

120W solar panel.
Dual-battery Solar Charger Controller, 20A capacity.

Reversing Sensors x4.

GPS Tracker. Meitrack GT30i.
Micro USB Charger cable.
Austral GPS Car Tracker (Android App).

Rear View Camera.

Nextbase 312GW Dashcam.

TomTom Camper & Caravan GPS Navigation.
USB Charger Cable.

Avtex Terrestrial/Satellite/DVD TV.
Avtex Snipe Pro Satellite Antenna.

Emergency bag:


Bulb kit

EU Headlamp adjuster 'stick-ons'.

Yellow Jackets
Breath tester x2



Kampa Motor Rally Pro 260XL Awning.

Warm white LED strip light above RH & LH seat with switch built into RH & LH rear down light respectively.

Daylight Running Lights (DRLs).

Pulley block fitted at rear of awning attachment strip to aid erecting.

Automatic tyre pressure monitors fitted.

Plastic edge protectors fitted to shelves and cupboards.

4 small corner shelves fitted on bulkhead at the corners of the bed.

Power supply circuit breakers and 12 volt fuses are located below right hand bunk.

Water Heater breaker should be 'OFF' when heater has been drained.