Refit 2006-7
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Chart Table Light. The two images here show the new chart table light fitted. The lamp is a modified LED table lamp purchased from Homebase for  £24.99. The 32 LED light draws only 320mA and includes a voltage regulator.

The switch for this light is fitted to a small panel manufactured from thin clear perspex covered with a white text on black background label which is then laminated with a matt laminate pouch. More on this later.

Yacht Cradle Saddle. The photo on the left shows the effects of high winds, 70 mph, on the boat and cradle. Inadee twisted in the cradle and, as a result, caused the cradle frame to buckle, as indicated in the lower left. Inadee was positioned on a slight incline, side on to the prevailing wind, and adjacent to other yachts that tended to funnel the wind onto Inadee.


The sketch on the right shows the keel plate which will help prevent the boat twisting in the cradle in high winds. Chris at Steamfly will manufacture the plate before the next use of the cradle.

Vent Replacement. These two photos show the old Simpson Lawrence vent on the left and the replacement Vetus vent on the right.


Only minor work was required to replace one with the other.

Switch Panel. The photo on the left shows the switch panel made up from Avery label material printed using a laser B/W printer which was laminated on one side using a matt lamination pouch. this was then stuck on the backing plate, the switches mounted, and then stuck into position using double sided sticky tape.


I used the same principle for making the switch panel associated with the Chart table light.

Heads Inlet Seawater Strainer.

the photo on the left shows the position of the Heads inlet strainer. I decided to incorporate this because twice i have a blockage to the external strainer covering the Blakes inlet. I drilled out the external strainer and fitted this internal model, obtained from the local chandlery. It is positioned so that with the top removed the inlet can be easily 'rodded' and the metal strainer cleaned if necessary.

The photos below show Inadee ready for the water.