Refit 2005-6
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This years refit was going to be an internal refurbishment of the boat. the materials were purchased to strip off the old lacquer and replace this with new lacquer similar to that originally used by Westerly. However, It was decided to change the maroon stripe and associated gold stripes and Westerly Fulmar logo to the more traditional blue stripe with gold Westerly Fulmar logo and to do away with the gold stripe. The original maroon was a single pack paint and as a consequence it tended to rub off onto the fenders and other yachts moored alongside. To overcome the problem I used a two pack Perfection from International and the appropriate undercoat.

In the pictures on the left and right the original paint has been stripped off and the area masked up with undercoat applied. I had very little filling to do and used ordinary gel coat filler to do the job. The surface was rubbed down with wet & dry paper grade 240 followed by 600 prior to undercoating.

Because the weather was so cold I left the undercoat 5 days to go off before coating with the first coat of Perfection. I mixed the paint as instructed on the tin and left it for 45 minutes before application with a 3inch metal backed paint pad (Sourced from Aladdin's Cave Chandlery at Bursledon. The foam backed pads will disintegrate when used with 2 pack paints.

It is all in the preparation! the first coat went on OK and I thought I would have no sagging - wrong! The weather was so cold that the solvent didn't get away fast enough before the paint sagged slightly in a couple of places which meant rubbing down between coats more than I had planned. Anyway, here are the results after the new Westerly Fulmar 'Flashes' have been applied. I had the Flashes supplied by "Impress" near Fareham on 01329 833765 Steve Hobley is the contact.

On completion of the painting and application of the 'flashes all that remained was to clean, polish and wax the hull. This is always done by Christine to meet her exacting standards.


NAVTEX, AIS & NAVMAN Chartplotter fitted.

This year 3 additional aids to sailing were added to the chart table area as indicated in the title above. The photo on the left indicates their location; the AIS is on the right of the NAVTEX.

The photo on the right shows the location of the GPS aerial associated with the NAVMAN chartplotter. after a year in use the aerial position has not caused any cause for concern.