Liferaft Cradle
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In 2004 I decided to get my liferaft changed from its valise to a hard container mounted in such a way as to make deployment easy. I considered a deck mounting but this has a couple of disadvantages. The container is relatively heavy and stored on deck, it requires to be unsecured and lifted to deploy it in an emergency. I already store my dingy on the deck. Visibility would be obscured. Mounted in front of the mast it could obstruct free movement of the foresail. 

As can be seen from the images, the container has been mounted on the pushpit on the starboard side. In use the position has not had any detrimental effect on access to the rear cleat or boarding the yacht via the ladder. I was also lucky in that the stern light wasn't obscured either.

This view shows that the overall length of the yacht has not been affected, an important factor if you were to have to pay for the extra foot. Finally, I made a sailcloth, slip over, cover to reduce UV degradation of the container.