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15 May 2005. These pictures show the headlining before any work is started.

Starting with the quarter berth, the picture shows the headlining on the underside of the port cockpit deck sagging. The side is also loose and, although it can't be seen clearly is sagging at the top badly.

The image on the right shows the sagging within the chart table book case.




On the left is the underside of the port deckhead showing sagging. The rear headlining is loose and requires to be replaced.

On the right is the headlining above the loo, which is sagging.




Perhaps the most annoying is the headlining in the forepeak. Many attempts to stick it back up using many methods have failed. Aesthetically, this needs a good makeover! On the right is the headlining within the coat locker - which speaks for itself.




First task was to clear all lockers and boat of all gear so that the job can be done unhindered.

The task took most of the day but did give us the opportunity to discover things that had been mislaid over the year or two!




The following pictures show the areas requiring work cleared ready for the team to start.




The job was done whilst I had a holiday on the Algarve and took 3 days so I'm told. The cost was approximately  £1500:00 (2005) with no extras and no cleaning for me to do.


25 May 2005.


What a difference! Both images show what has been achieved in the quarter berth. We decided on using the removable panel covered with headlining. On the right the image shows just how the panel looks.

In reality the berth looks like new and no one should find sleeping here a problem.

Notice the difference! On the left the book case looks great and a bonus is the removal bulkhead, behind which is the cabling for the electronics.

The picture on the right shows the difference a panel makes on the underside of the deckhead.


Here are images of the galley stowage after completion - great!

Almost a shame to put stuff in the area, it looks so clean and tidy.

Below is an image of view across the main cabin, showing how the panels below the deckhead look after the job is done. A real professional look. Note: There aren't  2 centre lights, it is just not too easy to stitch 4 separate images together.


Port side view and inside the coat locker. What a major improvement this is.