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This web page, or links to pages from here, describe information and modifications which have been carried out on the Westerly Fulmar, Inadee.

Sail Measurements
Running Rigging
Standing Rigging
Fuel and Water Tank Capacity
Engine Hour Meter
Bukh Water Pump Coverplate Wingnuts
Change of Distribution Plate in Operating Panel

Marine Water Flowswitch
Engine Exhaust Overheating Detector

Gas Isolation Solenoid Valve
Gas Detector
Window Replacement Draft PDF (960Kb)
New Yanmar Engine Mounts

Holding Tank


Inadee has had two owners since she was built by Westerly in late 1984. The yacht was displayed at the 1985 boat show and eventually launched in March 1985. The yacht was registered at Newhaven on the 20th May 1985 to Mr Fletcher of Sussex. The Official number of Inadee is 704332. The yacht has been kept in the Portsmouth area until now. She was sold to her current owner on 12th April 1990. In the four years to 1990 the log indicated just over 4000 miles.

The Bukh DV20 diesel engine was replaced in March 2002 after the Bukh overheated and it became more cost effective to renew the engine with a fresh water cooled Yanmar 3GM30 than to continue to pay through the nose for Bukh parts. A new Brunton H5 Autoprop was also fitted in March 2002.

Registration Details  
Sail Number: FR 276
Call sign: MDTF7
MMSI: 235021176
ATIS: 9235021176
SSR Number: 100821
Hull Number: L111
Length Overall 31'10" 9.70m
Length Waterline 26'0" 7.92m
Beam 10'11" 3.33m
Draft 5'3" 1.60m
Designed Weights
Displacement 9900lbs 4490kg
Mast Height above w/l 47'10" 14.59m

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Sail Measurements - Fulmar 3/4 Rig Sloop

Mainsail Luff 39.0'   No 1 Genoa Luff 35.6' (Max)
  Leach 40.7'     Leach 34.7'
  Foot 13.0'     Foot 18.5'
  Area 253sq'     Area 313sq'
No1 Jib Luff 32.0'   No 2 Genoa Luff 35.0'
  Leach 29.0'     Leach 32.5'
  Foot 13.5'     Foot 15.5'
  Area 194sq'     Area 254sq'
No 2 Jib Luff 23.2'   Spinnaker Luff 36.3'
  Leach 17.5'     Leach 36.3'
  Foot 11.0'     Foot 20.8'
  Area 93sq'     Area  

Sail Characteristics

P Measurement 39.0' I Measurement 36.5'
E Measurement 13.0' J Measurement 11.6'

Running Rigging

Item Size Length Thimbles Blocks Shackles SnapShackle
Main Sheet 12mm 22m   Lewmar 9267
Large Strip  
Jib Sheet 12mm 2 x 15m        
Jib Halyard 10mm 26m NY406     Large Gibb 774
Foresail Reefing Line 8mm 19m        
Main Halyard 10mm 29m NY406   Key Pin  
Main Outhaul Line 10mm 4m        
Main Outhaul Wire Pennant ? ?   ? ?  
Kicking Strap 10mm 8m   9287
Kicking Strap Pennant 5mm 7x19 45mm 1 x 1.5 s/s   Gibb 5/16-530D  
Topping Lift 8mm 28m       Gibb 773
Burgee 4mm 26m        
Tack Pennant 5mm 7x19 20mm 2 x 1.5 s/s   1 x Key Pin 5/16-530D  
Boom Hanger 4mm 7x19 50mm 1 x 1 s/s     Small MD 94
Spinnaker Sheets 12mm 2 x 16m   2 x 9217   Large Gibb 774
Spinnaker Halyards 10mm 26m   1 x 9117   Large Gibb 774
Spinnaker Downhaul 10mm 14m   1 x 9117   Large Gibb 774
Spinnaker Topping Lift 8mm 14m       Gibb 773

Standing Rigging

Item Actual Stay Length Rigging Screw Size Wire Diameter
Main Mast - Selden            
Forestay 37' 11"   11mm   7mm 1x19
Backstay Yoke 47' 5.25"   10mm   6mm 1x19
Cap Shrouds x2 35'11.25"   11mm   7mm 1x19
Lower Shroud x2 18'10.25"   11mm   7mm 1x19

Fuel and Water Tank Capacity

Fuel: Steel 90 litres (20 gallons)

Water: Steel 135 litres (~35 gallons)

Engine Hour Meter

The following information relates to the engine running hours meter which can befitted to any engine working on 12 volts dc.

The following is a list of Parts:

Component Farnell Cost Approx RS Catalogue Cost Approx
Miniature Panel Mntg Hour Meter 233-341 18.56 UKP 331-326 20.00 UKP

The Farnell hour meter is slightly different to the RS device and is manufactured by Hengstler Pt No. 0.633.831.

Bukh Engine DV8/10/20/36/48

The above engines all have similar instrument panels and associated circuits. The following diagram relates to the engine fitted with a 700 watt alternator, but the connection points are the same for all earlier models.

Layout of engine panel as seen from rear.

In this circuit diagram only the relevant connections are shown related to the engine cooling water flow switch. Refer to the 'OwnersHandbook' or 'Workshop Manual' for greater detail on associated circuits.

The hour meter is only active when the engine is running, and is non resetable. The hour meter increments once every 36 seconds and the display is seven digit with a resolution of 0.01 hours i.e. 99999.99.

Farnell/Radio Spares hour meter.

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Bukh Water Pump Coverplate Wingnuts

The following parts may be used to cost effectively make removal and replacement of the pump cover plate easier.

Description Part Number Cost
Pin Wing Pump Endcover Kit C 6-91352 10.40 UKP excl VAT

The kit comprises of wing nuts and studs which are fitted as replacements for the existing face plate screws.

Available from Aquafax

Change of Distribution Plate in Operating Panel DV8/10/20/36/48

Bukh engine panel pcb as seen from component side.

view of the pcb.

Later models of the Bukh have a 700 watt charging alternator and double charging diode (service information number 8110 of 17-11-81 refers), and the following overcomes irregular operation.

  1. The 700W alternator requires a load of 3W compared with the previous 2W.
  2. The double charging diode is fitted so that - depending on the charging condition of the batteries during operation - a potential difference through the charging light may occur which in some cases actuates the audible alarm, causing a feint howl.

The distributor plate has been changed to overcome the above. A larger resistor has been incorporated to enable a load of 3W rather than 2W. A zener diode has been added so that the alarm is only actuated when there are more than 3 volts.

Spare Parts: Distributor Plate 008E-7347. Cost:~23.70 UKP ex VAT. June 2001 


D1 & D2 1N4002

D3 1N5401


BZX79C3V0 3Volt 500mW (Farnell 369-342) (Maplin QH01B)


R1 330W 2W

R2 68W 3W

Plate attachment screws.

Self tapper No4 x 0.5inch

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Marine Water Flowswitch

The following diagram shows the circuit for an alarm working at 12 volt DC. Normally the sounder already exists and is usually set up to operate for more than just one alarm switch by employing diodes on the ground side; any switch which makes the circuit provides a path through its associated diode and the alarm is enabled.

In this circuit the Flowswitch used is a failsafe device which closes its contacts when flow is detected, therefore a transistor is used to invert the signal and provide a similar function to the normal diode, providing a path to ground without affecting other alarm ground paths.

The following is a list of Parts:

Component Farnell Cost Approx RS Catalogue Cost Approx
Flow Switch 1.5litre 730-889 11.34 UKP 257-076 11.34 UKP
BC107 Transistor x1 356-268  0.36 UKP 293-257  0.24 UKP
1K 0.25W resistor x1 509-188  0.02 UKP 148-540  0.03 UKP
PCB 6 x 4 Holes        
Component Box x 1 301-449  0.81 UKP 502-332  0.81 UKP
Grommet 6.3/9.5 x 2 303-161   543-204  0.02 UKP
Cable Any 4 colours instrument cable        
Connector Block x 1 151-025   425-055 0.82 UKP
Insulated crimps Piggy back 6.3 x 5 150-324  0.07 UKP 534-367  0.07 UKP

Flow switch circuit diagram.

 If there is already an alarm it may be possible to use this, particularly if it is already used for more than one function, i.e. Oil warning and water temperature.

 Alarm switch principle.

 The above shows the principle method of the multiple alarm circuit. Each diode being the path via an alarm switch to ground.

Bukh Engine DV8/10/20/36/48

The above engines all have similar instrument panels and associated circuits. The following diagram relates to the engine fitted with a 700 watt alternator, but the connection points are the same for all earlier models.

Bukh engine panel flow switch connection schematic.

In this circuit diagram only the relevant connections are shown related to the engine cooling water flow switch. Refer to the 'OwnersHandbook' or 'Workshop Manual' for greater detail on associated circuits.

The Flow switch does not illuminate any warning lamps, it only sounds the alarm when water ceases to flow into the water pump situated on the front of the engine. The switch is positioned as close to the pump as is practical, adjacent to the oil dip stick. Early action to regain flow will eliminate the pump impeller coming adrift from the centre bush and delamination of the exhaust pipe.

Image of the flow switch.                                      Schematic of pcb layout, without resistors etc.

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Engine Exhaust Overheating Detector

90 degree Centigrade Normally Open Thermal Switch Part Number: 26-7430 1.44 UKP
Electronic Buzzer 12V Part Number: 35-3603 0.75 UKP

The components are available from...


The thermal switch is mounted on the exhaust manifold just above where the hose is clamped. I used two narrow SS 'Jubilee' clips to clamp the device to the exhaust securely. The +12V supply was taken from the rear of the engine control panel switch to the buzzer and then to the thermal switch. Wiring in this way minimises the length of run of the positive supply and, should a fault to earth occur in the cable to the sensor, the alarm will sound.

Gas Isolation Solenoid Valve

Butane gas is very dangerous on a yacht and in order to reduce the risk of inadvertently leaking gas into the boat a solenoid valve has been fitted in the gas locker. This solenoid valve is controlled by an illuminated switch sited above the sink in the main saloon. When set to ON the switch indicates a bright red light which will remain on untile either the switch is selected to OFF or the battery master switch is turned off.

I used an existing utility fuse which was adequate for the job.

Item Cost Supplier
Gas Solenoid Valve  60.00 UKP Southampton Calor Gas Centre
Switch c/w internal Red indicator  1.99 UKP Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon
Through Bulkhead 5/16" pipe to solenoid connector ~ 3.50 UKP Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon
Solenoid to 5/16" pipe connector c/w compression joint. ~ 2.50 UKP Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon
5/16" compression joint ~ 0.90 UKP Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon
300mm 5/16" Copper pipe ~ 0.90 UKP Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon
Cable Gland ~ 0.75 UKP B&Q Depot
0.635mm spade terminal x3 - Maplin Electronics
Cable connectors - Maplin Electronics
Cable 2.0mm conductor (Arctic) - B&Q depot
CalorTight Jointing Paste - Aladdins Cave Chandlery, Burseldon

View of illuminated switch above sink.jpg (21300 bytes)

All gas joints should be made using jointing paste.

Entry of the gas pipe and electric cable into the gas locker must be via through bulkhead pipe connectors or cable gland, to prevent any leaking gas entering the boat.

Diagram of solenoid circuit.

On completion of the work ensure the integrity of the gas system by thoroughly checking for leaks.

View of gas locker.

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Gas Detector

A gas detector which has two sensors, one in the main saloon and the other in the cockpit locker, is fitted. The sensors not only work for Butane gas, they also sense other hydrocarbon fuels such as paraffin, petrol, methylated spirit.

Follow the instructions that come with the unit. I mounted one of the sensors in the the main cabin just below the sink about 100mm above the cabin sole, the other was mounted approximately 200mm above the hull at the forward end of the access to the engine bay from within the cockpit locker.

On completion of installation check the system with the appropriate fuels ensuring that the system resets when the fuel supply is removed. The reset may take a little time.

Check the system at regular intervals for seviceability.

Item Cost Supplier
SF Double Sensor Marine Gas Alarm  95.00 UKP Southampton Calor Gas Centre
(02380 774768)

No switch is fitted, the alarm is enabled when switching on the battery master switch.

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Marine VHF Digital Selective Calling Transciever + SWR Meter

Replaced a Huson70 TR with the NASA M-Tech SX35DSC interfaced to a Garmin 48 GPS Dec04 ~ 145.00 UKP.
Website: http://www.nasamarine.com/

The above transceiver has been replaced in 2008 with an Icom IC-M505 transceiver complete with CommandMic III, HM-162E. To complete the installation a loud hailer has been installed on the gantry which enables automatic fog horn sounding and hailing. (~ 299.00 UKP)

SWR Meter: Avair AV40 SWR ~ 30.00 UKP

  Avair SW40 SWR Meter installed freestanding.

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