Overheating Bukh
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Top left of engine showing paint Discolouration. Alternator removed.

White deposits around the water inlet to the engine block!

The cable from the battery to the starter runs across the front of the engine and as a consequence of the overheating the insulation has melted. If the exposed conductor had shorted to earth the battery could have exploded. Renewal of the cable will of course also include re-routing safely around the hot or moving parts.
Removal of the water inlet pipe to the block showed that severe furring had occurred and the pipe was almost totally blocked. Internal inspection inside the block also indicated a build up of salts and a flush will be required which will dissolve the crud.

Further inspection of the exhaust manifold showed that the cylinder head was totally blocked, the thermostat housing was severely scaled and the thermostat had failed in the closed position. The Thermostat retaining block had a crack between inner and a bolt hole necessitating renewal.

Water inlet pipe to block shown after partial cleaning. There is still excessive scale inside the pipe which must be removed.
Exhaust manifold after degreasing and initial soak in a limescale removal solution.
Closer look at the forward exhaust port showing the partially blocked waterways. The cylinder head is, in fact, much worse and is totally blocked at the front ports.
Close look at the rear waterway ports shows totally blocked port and almost totally blocked port. Initially the small hole was not evident and was made using the end of a screwdriver, on the other hand use of a hammer and punch had no effect on the other port.