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The Google map indicates the locations of our motorhome and her crew of three, Christine, Richard & Ben (The Dog) on our trip through France. I used numerous methods for finding suitable parking and here are the websites I used:


If you click on the location on the map or sidebar, an info balloon opens giving brief details of the location and the facility to determine Directions to or from the location.
Clicking on the thumbnail image, in an information balloon, will show the full size photo in a new window.

At the bottom of the map are two displays which will show the position of the mouse pointer on the map as Latitude and Longitude, the second display shows the 'latched' position.

Note: When getting directions to a place using the function in a information balloon, the route(s) may not be the route we took. Some routes may also provide flight details.

The routes we took can be viewed by clicking the following links
Outbound route
Homeward route

Mouse coordinates (Lat/Long)

Returns the mouse coordinates when mouse pointer moves on map.

Latch it by clicking the mouse at the desired position: Precision