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Take a look, you may find some of the information of interest.

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This site is set up to provide links of interest which includes weather conditions at sea, Pages of interest to Westerly Fulmar yacht owners and includes a personal profile of the author.

Hornet Services Sailing Club displays a brief History of the Club from when it started after the closure of HMS Hornet to when I gave up sailing. 


After selling the boat we went for a motorhome. Our choice - an Elldis Envy, built on a Peugeot Boxer chassis. Size to us is an important point and after checking the size of car parking bays in various supermarkets we decided on a vehicle that would fit! This has proved a good decision because we have no real problems parking when we need to re-victual. Another wise decision was to install an Autogas system as Autogas is now readily available in the UK and across Europe

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The pages relating to yacht 'Inadee' give information on the yachts specification, modifications and a list of useful suppliers. There are some details of the Bukh DV20M diesel engine which may be useful to yacht owners still running the Bukh DV20M on their yacht. Details of fitting the Yanmar 3GM30F fresh water cooled 27HP engine to replace the Bukh DV20M are included.

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